Mick Strode
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Days I left behind is like Forever More’s third album only in "hi def ”.
(Onnie McIntyre – Average White Band)

“Songs with his own brand of musical poetry... Impeccable instrumental work is complemented by the extended use of harmony and countervocals... The music is balanced and meaningful... And deserves a place in anyone’s collection.”
(Mark Leviton: Music Critic, Writer / Radio DJ, USA)

Days I left behind – “The very first guitar note of the very first track sent me right back to Forever More days. I’d never realised before how totally the sound of that group was the sound of Mick Strode. I suppose you could describe the album as ‘the sound of getting older’. Beautifully played and conveyed, and nostalgic in form and sound.”
(Simon Napier–Bell: Rock manager, producer, writer)

“Mick Strode took to the stage and delighted us with a number of self–penned contemporary folk songs... his set literally blew us away. All of Mick’s contemporary songs are well crafted with meaningful words and his self–penned material is state of the art.”

“The band provides an ideal showcase for the superb guitar–work of frontman Mick Strode. Shunning gimmickry in favour of musicianship, they are a class act and Strode’s guitar playing is simply sensational.”
(Local Press)

“Mick Strode is an amazing guitar player who makes his guitar really sing... Many times I have watched this man in a hypnotic way... When I was given his album to review I grabbed it and was off home to stick it in the CD player. What a great little album! What I like about it is it’s not just a verse guitar verse guitar album. You really get taken away with the whole song. The music on this album is superb and the quality and production is second to none. All the songs on it are well thought out and shaped through to the final product.”
(Live Music Magazine)

“Mick Strode is one of the best pure blues players I’ve ever heard. He’s absolutely premier league... he’s a very talented guitarist.”
(BBC Radio: Sound and Vision)

“Imagine my delight when I put on Mick Strode’s Rollin’ down the road for the first of many times... Songs of the calibre of the title track and Big Cadillac, all self–penned, are able vehicles for the man’s world–weary vocals. Check out Mick’s guitar playing, particularly on Porth dyniewaid. Also of note is the piano Martyn Power adds to the title track and the Ray Charles–esque I miss you, making good songs great.”
(Blueprint Magazine)