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How the west was won
Behind The Eyes
Days I Left Behind
No Longer Me
Rollin' Down The Road
How the west was won
Where The West
Was Won

“Mick plays all the instruments. Great guitar sounds. Vocals also sound great... much tougher than before and also great harmony parts over some really nice chord changes and orchestration. Everything I heard was impressive and I like the direction and the western feel of the material and playing style. Obviously a lot of sweat, and love went into this project. The playing, vocals, arrangements and production are a huge jump forward.

Verdict overall = A+.”
How the west was won
CD incl: P & P £10.00

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Song Title Time  
 1         Freeloader 4.09
 2         A September Day 4.07
 3         One More Kevin Says 5.31
 4         Burnin’ The Candle 4.49
 5         How Long? 3.18
 6         Where Were You? 4.09
 7         Lend Me Your Fender 4.25
 8         John The Baptist 4.32
 9         The Mirror That Lies 4.18
 10        Where The West Was Won 4.20