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Where the west was won
Behind The Eyes
Days I Left Behind
No Longer Me
Rollin' Down The Road
Days I Left Behind
Days I Left Behind

All the songs were written in open tuning on acoustic guitar, so the style of this album is very much in the same vein as those which represented the ‘acoustic side’ of Forever More all those years ago.

The songs are reflective and retrospective, sometimes nostalgic, examining life, love, death and childhood.

The use of acoustic and electric guitars, and occasionally mandolin and banjo, gives the album a late 60s’ feel.
Days I Left Behind
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Song Title Time
1   Days I Left Behind 4.29
2   Searching For Avalon 6.48
3         My Grandfather's House 6.36
4         Always The One 5.40
5         Beside The Fire 5.53
6   At The Edges 4.20
7         Stay With Me – pts 1 / 2 5.07
8         Another Time Another Place 5.44
9   When He Was Young 6.41