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Where the west was won
Behind The Eyes
Days I Left Behind
No Longer Me
Rollin' Down The Road
No longer me
No Longer Me

A few songs here echo the acoustic style of the previous album. On this album, however, most of the songs were conceived and developed on electric guitar; so the overall sonic feel is different.

Replete with melodic electric guitar phrases and solos, together with lyrics offering thoughtful insights about life, this album again has a late 60s’ feel.
No longer me
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Song Title Time  
1   The Sewing Circle 3.08
2   Schooldays 5.16
3         Viviane et Merlin 5.41
4         Who Knows 4.27
5         Annwfyn 2.06
6         The Journey Home 6.06
7         Through The Maize 3.54
8   No Longer Me 4.00
9   Lookin' At The Moon 8.00